Standing for Marriage, When he says I don't love you anymore

Standing for Marriage Christian Guide Book

“When he Says I don’t Love you Anymore” is a long awaited guidebook written for those in the battle for their marriages. It is chock full of information, guidance, and hope for those who find themselves in this hard place.

This E-Book covers just about everything a wife can face when he says” I don’t love you anymore”, including how to navigate the journey with dignity while keeping the goal of restoration.

It is for anyone in any stage, whether he’s still at home and has just uttered these words, or you’re separated and still praying for restoration. Even if it seems impossible, this book is for you.

Every chapter is drawn from either my own personal experience, or the countless others I’ve been privileged to meet on this journey.

This E-Book is like a map from the many who’ve gone before you in the battle for their marriages when he says “I don’t love you anymore”.

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In  the mean time, here is a sneak peak of the cover and the Contents you can expect to see!

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standing for marriage guidebook

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Making Sense of Boundaries When Separated is a Course Created Specifically for those who are standing for their marriage while separated. For those enrolled in this course, you will receive this GuideBook complimentary to the course as soon as it debuts!

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