When your Marriage is on the Brink… Chase Jesus.

When your marriage is on the brink, godly women will often give counter-cultural advice. ” Don’t worry about what your husband is doing. Chase after Jesus instead.”  But what does that mean anyways?

A few years ago I found myself in the shoes of a wife newly separated.

My world was crashing around me as I helplessly watched my dreams for my marriage and family shatter. I experienced heartbreak so deep I can only compare it to immense grief.  I could literally feel the weight of the situation sitting right on my chest, with little room for a full breath.

Everyday I prayed for my prodigal husband to return. Each time that he drove away, new pain welled up to my eyes and spilled out over my cheeks. When your marriage is on the brink, you will do a lot of this.

As the days and weeks went on I poured through countless articles, blogs and books to find the answers I needed.   Searching things like ‘Help for when your marriage is on the brink’ that would be the key to getting my husband to come back home.

I would try just about anything to fix our marriage.

It had become my daily obsession. I’d wake up with raw grief in the morning.  By the afternoon I had new determination to fight for my marriage.

Eventually I hit a wall. Nothing was changing. We were still in the same exact spot as when we separated. I got to a scary realization that when your marriage is on the brink to this extent, its impossible to fix on your own. I started to feel hopeless, powerless, and utterly defeated.

Reaching out to my godly girlfriends with my frustrations and tears about my situation, I asked:

“Would  he ever come to his senses? Will he ever come home? Would he ever love me again? Could I do more? What should I do? “

To which they replied…. Click over to HopeJoyInChrist.com where I share what happened next!

When He Says I Don’t Love You Anymore, A Christian Guidebook For Wives in the Battle For Their Marriages

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