When Love and Marriage become Lonely and Impossible, there’s Hope.

When Love and Marriage become your dreams turned upside down, it is a lonely place to be. When my own marriage fell apart, there were days my situation seemed impossible of any recovery. I spent so much time pouring through books and resources, consulting with my godly girlfriends, and most of all, praying to the one who could effect real change- God.

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When I got married, I knew it wouldn’t always be easy, but I dreamed of take out nights in with a movie, the pitter patter of blessed little feet, happy family vacations, and romantic date nights out.

So when the budget got too tight for take out or vacations and fancy dates, when the little feet turned into sleepless nights and parenting differences, and realities of the world set in on my dreams, my hopes for love and marriage became my own nightmare of lonely and impossible.

My hope in the Lord got me through, and taught me so much about who I am in Christ.  As I sought Jesus and his teachings, I was transformed. As my relationship with Jesus grew, and my ways changed, so did everything else.

I’ve written quite a few articles so far on this journey to reach others with the wisdom I gained, so that they too have the tools to be equipped to fight the good fight for their marriages!  It is my mission to share God’s hope, mercy and grace for those in the throes of the pain of their love and marriage dreams falling apart, as well as share practical tips that made a difference for me!

BUT– I’ve never been more excited to write a post to share than today. Today is the day I get to share about an incredible book available now called Hope for the Hurting Wife. This book was written by Authors Rebekah Hallberg and Jen Stults- two christian wives who’ve been through the pain of losing their dreams of love and marriage, and facing the realities of it with God.

THIS is the book I wish I had back then, with topics covered such as:

-How to Survive When He Tells You He’s Leaving

-How to Protect Your Heart

-Stuck in the “For Worse” of Your Marriage

And hopeful chapters such as:

-Moving Forward After Trauma

-How to Trust God with Your Marriage

-The Power of Your Choice

Hope for the Hurting Wife is packed full of practical tips for daily growth in marriage including personal stories to finally understand and apply key biblical concepts to improve your marriage.

I struggled through so much of what was written in this book during my own journey, but felt so alone back then! I wish I would have had this book then to hear from women who get it, who understand, and who are willing to share their wisdom. Women who are willing to point towards hope even in the darkest of times in my marriage.

The good news is if your dreams of love and marriage are falling apart- this resource is now available to you! You don’t have to go on this journey alone. You don’t have to feel hopeless and believe the lies the world will tell you that your situation is impossible. Hope for the Hurting Wife is a friend who comes alongside you on this tough journey full of hope, wisdom, and practical insight.

Here is what others are saying about Hope for the Hurting Wife:

“Some wives can pinpoint the precise moment their marriage splintered into a thousand painful pieces. For others, the progression from destiny-laced beginnings to disillusionment and defeat developed more slowly. Authors Rebekah Hallberg and Jen Stults speak from both perspectives as wives who witnessed first-hand the healing nature of hope when marriage gets hard. Really hard. Whether you’re struggling with a prolonged season of discouragement or facing a full-blown marital crisis, there is hope. You are not alone.” – Sarah Fairchild, author of Every Wife’s Choice

“This is the first book about marriage from a Christian perspective that doesn’t gloss over the hard stuff.” – from Susan B., a reader

“Every marriage will come upon hard times often leading us to make difficult decisions. Hope for the Hurting Wife gives hope and encouragement to Christian marriages reminding us to focus on Christ and not our circumstances. We believe if more Christian couples would keep Christ at the center of marriage, we’d see less divorce. This book is proof of that.” -Mike and Carlie Kercheval, fulfillingyourvows.com
Jen and Rebekah are spot on in this awesome resource! This book is a must have for anyone who is struggling in their marriage or simply wants to better their relationship with their spouse. I love their transparency and openness regarding their own trials in marriage and how they continue to overcome. The wisdom and practical tips for growing in marriage contained in this book will be worth every penny you spend! – Alisa Nicaud, flourishingtoday.com
Click Here for your Copy of Hope for the Hurting Wife today!

When Love and Marriage become lonely and impossible, there’s Hope for the Hurting Wife

When He Says I Don’t Love You Anymore, A Christian Guidebook For Wives in the Battle For Their Marriages

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  1. Jen says:

    Marriage can be so hard, especially in those early years and when you have the added stress of parenting littles! Bless you for sharing about our book, Beth. We pray many find renewed hope in its pages!
    Jen 🙂

  2. Rebekah says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m reading this and thinking back over all that God has done. What a blessing! We’re praying this is a wonderful resource for hurting wives. God IS faithful, but we have to trust and that can be very difficult at times. We want things to look the way we planned, and when they don’t, it’s very hard to accept that. I’m so grateful to share parts of our own journey in hopes that they bless others!

    1. Beth says:

      Hi Rebekah! Wow thank you for stopping by what a blessing! Thank you again for your obedience to the Lord to plug away at this amazing book and resource for those looking for hope. God bless you on your journey as you reach out to others! <3

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