Chasing Mirages

Daily we are looking for that peace, that joy, that “thing” that will fill us, that will bring us a moment of serenity in our daily humdrum of life and frequent afflictions. Often we seek fulfillment in things such as new outfits/shoes/hairstyles, vacations, the latest T.V. Show Fad, or the latest Coffee Shop flavor of the month topped with whipped cream and a splash of chocolate heaven (if you’re anything like me).

For some its the beautiful home -with gardens that mirror those of national magazine photos, vacations and dinners that rival the latest in cuisine.

For some it goes deeper. It might be fulfillment with prideful adoration at work, or an irresistible flirtation with that “guy” or “gal” outside of your marriage that seems harmless enough…and feels OH SO GOOD after ALL you’ve been through.

ALL these things, all of them, are mirages. They are illusions, things that for fulfillment sake are fulfilling for a short while, but in terms of longterm fulfillment are completely unattainable to sustain your soul.

Our adversary, the enemy, LOVES to paint dazzling images for us, images that will lure us into his lair of lies and destruction of our lives.

On the light side, a new hairstyle, fun vacation, or award at work are not destructive in and of themselves. Its ok to enjoy life!

However, if all we keep seeking is the NEXT best thing,  never fully satisfied with what we’ve just experienced, we will forever feel empty inside.

Real life comes from a relationship with Jesus.  And you wanna know something? Its actually not “boring” at all! Jesus tells us in scripture exactly who he is.

He says,  “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger” (John 6:35).

Shall never hunger? Meaning: as I truly follow Christ, I will not hunger for want or need or fulfillment and excitement.

AND he says:  “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6).

“the Life”! The Lord is telling us, as we follow his directions and path for our lives, we will experience real life this side of heaven!

However, God didn’t send Jesus to bring peace on earth. He sent him to make a way for us, a bridge to heaven. We must remember, what Jesus said in John 16:33 that we would have troubles, but that Jesus has also already defeated death, and as we follow him, we also are saved.

Seem like a bummer? This whole trial and tribulation thing here on earth? Like what is he saying? Because I’m pretty sure I like what you call my “mirages” better……..

Here is the thing about mirages…. that vacation will end…. and you’ll be again faced with life’s realities. That beautiful Garden will get a rabbit or a mole… and once that promotion excitement at work wears off you’re still faced with deadlines and bills and home stressors… once that flirtation leads to more… well….your family is now at stake….. thats a mirage. You get there, after chasing it, and find out it was all a bust. It was all imaginary. It was never what you envisioned. And thats the truth.

But the Lord says, no matter what stage you are in Mirage Chasing, you can stop right where you are and start fresh. You can say, “Lord I’m seeing the emptiness that I’m feeling with endless chasing of things that I’d thought would fulfill, but don’t. Lord, help me to experience new life in a relationship with you.”

For those of you wondering- whats so bad about some of these things? Well of course its ok to enjoy gods blessings too! If you’ve a knack for creating beautiful gardens, or enjoy fun vacations with your family, thats perfectly ok! There is nothing wrong with that. However, if after all the fun is done, and you are still feeling like there’s got to be more to life, I’m here to share there is! His name is Jesus, and he’s ready and waiting for you to come from right where you are, and call on him. I guarantee, your life will forever be changed, forever be fulfilled.

God Bless






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