The Child Within

She was the picture of innocence and trusting nature.

Pure in heart and veiled from the pain of the world,

she imagined grand things,

Like princesses, ballerinas, and Kings.

She laughed often and hugged much,

she was full of life, and joy, and love.

Nothing could stop her childhood aspirations,

like building her own roller coaster

(mama’s garden the pretend onboarding station).

Or starring in the backyard variety show,

and taking a bow as if there were thousands below.

She’s a grown woman now, and she’s experienced some things.

Shes’ lost babies- her princesses and kings.

She built a home, but on shifting sand,

and it all fell down through the palm of her hands.

She cried often and gave few hugs,

gone was her liveliness, joy, and love.

Time lifted the veil to the pains of the world,

her innocence gone,

this terrified girl.

She lost her confidence, her assured steps,

her sense of worth chipped down to nothingness.


one day she opened the memory book,

and saw herself there,

with that childish look.

That little girl who laughed often and hugged much,

and was full of life,  joy, and love.

Something fierce came over,

like a mother bears instinct,

to protect that little girl still within,

from the perils of the world,

the lies, and the sin.

To tell her she’s loved,

she’s an amazing kid,

she’s perfect how she is,

this child within.

She cried to the Lord,

“I’ve failed her I know.

Please forgive me,

and please let her know-

that I’m changing my ways,

Im following you,

my past is no more,

you’ve made me new.

May my heart be filled with confidence again,

may it beat with excitement for your purposes and plan,

and may the little girl I used to be,

live within for all to see.”


Written By: Beth Kelly






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