The Battle

He knows my every weakness,
he searches every crevice,
like a putrid liquid seeping in,
he’s cunning, and ruthless.
He hides in the every day
camouflaged in my view,
prowling for a way in
to destroy me and you.
He tricks us in ways we cannot see
when we’re not watching out,
when we don’t make him flee.
He sneaks in our thoughts,
he slithers in our homes,
he finds our loved ones,
and he fights for their souls.
But I’m here to tell you the truth,
this hateful being,
this enemy I speak of,
has a weak spot too,
and it comes from above.
For my friend when we call on Jesus,
he has no more power over me and you.
He flees at the name of the son,
no matter what the situation
or circumstance,
So get on your knees and bow your head,
and pray to the one who fights for you instead.
Don’t let this coward bring you death!
Send him packing and surrender to,
the one who loves you,
and gives lifes breath.
Written By: Beth Kelly

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