The Waiting Room

My appointment was at noon,
he’s THREE hours late,
I sit here in Gods’ waiting room,
and WAIT.
What’s taking him so long?
I’ve got things to do.
I need to get some medicine
I can’t take it anymore
this current painful life affliction
Is making my heart so sore.
I start to get impatient
even self righteously indignant
this isΒ ridiculous
I’m a busy patient.
I need to get on with my life
I don’t have time for this.
The great physician can stop my pain,
but time is running out,
am I waiting in vain?
I look around the room
at the other waiting souls
some look like me
some look worse off
some look hungry
some look lost.
Some look confused
Some look mad.
But the most heartbreaking of all,
are the children,
they look so so sad.
I can’t stand their expressions
such innocence, such hurt.
Such terror lurking
inside of their little hearts.
I can’t sit idly by,
It worsens my own condition
so I reach out to them
and take them in
I’ve plenty of love to give them.
How comforted they now are
How much hope they now have
What promise lies ahead
such happy faces instead.
My heart is filled
I want to do more.
I want to help them,
I want to save more.
The doctor calls my name,
but he tells me to go.
He’s already cured me in the waiting room,
and I know.

Written by: Beth Kelly

Need encouragement in the waiting room? You will LOVE this.

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  1. I totally get this poem, Beth, and the difficulty of waiting. We heard it said all of the time “God’s timing isn’t our timing,” but oh, how the wait can seem endless! Sorry for your own trials, Beth, and your own season of waiting. Thanks for sharing your heart in lyrical form with us. πŸ™‚

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