But I want it NOW God…

Waiting for something that’s on your heart can feel like forever, especially in todays’ world. Our brains are used to such instant gratification.  We can email, text, order whatever we want online and have it delivered the same day, or face-time with our friends and family as if they’re right in our home. Gone is the era of waiting for days in anticipation for a letter from the post office, or waiting until the evening until everyone is home and the phone rates go down to call our friends on the landline phone.  We share online and get instant feedback. But there is one whose timing is infinitely wise and complex. He can take the messiest tattered lives, and with masterful re-maneuvering of all the complexities intertwined within them, can re-purpose and create a beautiful masterpiece. Yes you guessed it-God. But his timing is unpredictable. It can take mere minutes, or full decades, but always with the purpose to use all things for his glory and for good.

Waiting on God in our lives is such a popular christian topic that there are probably thousands of posts and takes on the matter just online. This is actually my second blog post on it!  When it comes to waiting on something we cannot fairly quickly attain, it can be a real challenge, and sometimes EVEN make us question: Why aren’t you answering my plea God? When will you God?

I had similar questions forming in my mind as my husband and I dreamed of and searched for YEARS for a new home.  We wanted more land, and to move farther north. Many many times we would go house hunting together, exploring and dreaming of a new place.  However, each time we set out to find a new home, a road block would come our way. The first was in the timing of the market. We just couldn’t get enough equity from our house to make it work towards a new home. We considered remodeling our home instead, but were denied the loans to complete it due to the same equity issue.  We decided to stay put a little while longer until we could afford the jump.  When we found out we were pregnant with our second child, we went looking again. It had been a few years, and we definitely wanted more space for our growing family.  However, with still not being able to get much for our house and facing the cost of a new baby and maternity leave, we again decided to stay put. I wondered if we’d ever get to move out of this house.

Not long after our son was born, our marriage hit a dark time, and we unfortunately separated.  Over time with God’s grace and ability to move in our hearts, our marriage was restored. Now more than ever, a new house was in order! We needed a fresh start, that symbolic step towards our new life together. The kids and I moved in with him while we prepared our house to sell. We figured it would sell fairly quickly and soon we’d be finally on our way to our dream home! We started looking at listings online and driving to see homes after work. It was exciting to explore all the options out there. Only thing was, not one house met our expectations, and to top it off, more buyers complained about our house than bid on it. For seven more months we explored the available homes in our criteria, yet we continued to face the same issues. Nothing met our expectations for our price range except for a few homes that we were outbid on, and one home that would cost way too much for us to repair.  I again started to wonder if we’d ever be in a new home, and why was god making us wait when we wanted this for so long, and gee whiz we certainly were ready in our minds!  We worked hard to restore our marriage, we finally had the means, and it was time! But, god had other plans.

You see, God can see the entire picture. God knows our future.  He’s already there waiting, and  he has prepared the way. God knew our little boy would be diagnosed as a toddler with Type 1 diabetes, and that I would choose to stay home during the week with the kids in order to monitor him closely. Due to the change in employment, we had to sell some big ticket items initially, such as my husband’s four wheeler. Had we moved to a house with land, we would not have had the four wheeler to zoom around the property, or to help remove all the snow we’d inevitably have with such a large amount of land. Had we bought a big house up north, we’d have been far away from very close by family for help when we needed it most. God saw the future, and he had a plan that was for good.

One day, as we perused the listings online, my husband said, “I’m curious to see what we could get in our price range if we lowered the acreage desired.”

And there it was, right there. Our house.

Right away we scheduled to see it. Once there, we fell in love with it. (We never agreed so much on a house since we began the search years ago!)

This house had all the functional features we hoped for, and even had a pool! And the short commute sure helped our pocket book.

God knew we would need to be close to family, to have a less expensive commute, and that the pool would be a  blessing at a time when we had no money to take the kids to any paid activities over the summer.

After years of searching, and countless roadblocks, we finally found home, and with all the features that God knew we would need all along, long before we knew.

I share our house hunting story as an example of the complexities of how God works as we wait for the desires of our hearts.  Many of us feel we are prepared and ready, and faithful, so what is taking so long? Well it may be just like our house hunting story. You may be ready for your desire, but God is preparing it in a way that works the BEST, and has nothing to do with if you are praying enough or faithful enough. It may simply be something more complex, something he knows that you don’t, and that he’s still ironing out the details. Trust in that. Or maybe it is you, maybe he is wanting to reach you first in a way that would not happen if he gave you your desire right away. Trust in that too, he only wants the best for us!

God Bless!



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