The Faith Race

Life was akin to a marathon race,

they started fresh with hope in their eyes.

Nothing could stop their pace,

they aspired  above the skies.


Running freely in the wind,

did their youthful souls fly.

They pressed on with ease,

and innocence in their stride.


Then one day a hurdle was before them,

they jump it and moved on,

they did not lose momentum.


But as they kept going,

their legs began to tire.

And the hurdles were multiplying,

and rising higher.

Some they could not clear,

so they climbed or tore them down,

or waited to see if the wind

would toss them to the ground.

Some they lit afire,

then started anew.

Some they simply retired,

and reflected on how they grew.


As the race went on,

many did quit,

and took the wide road,

right into the pit.


Some gave up and went off course,

but those who believed in him,

continued forth.

They chose the narrow path,

with winding curves,

and unforeseen places,

far beyond earth,

and into gods’ spaces.

They ran for gods’ glory,

they ran for his will,

no matter the slope,

no matter the hill.

Even when it seemed impossible,

and their body was giving out,

and life was handing them pain,

and loads and loads of doubt.


Even when there was nothing left,

but their running legs,

and their gasping breath.


Even when the sun went down,

and darkness was heavy,

and the horizon was dim,

and things were scary.


As they pressed on they clung to faith,

that one day they would reach the end,

and break the finish tape.

And God would be waiting,

as he’d prepared the way,

for their big arrival,

on that glorious glorious day.


Crossing the line their fresh youth did return,

and their legs were renewed,

they no longer felt the burn.


No longer did they run,

they’d endured a grueling pace.

They made it home,

to Gods’ heavenly place.

Now they’re basking in his love,

and watching over your race.











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  1. This is beautiful. I am working on a blog post about life being like a race. I’m having a hard time putting all my thoughts together. This was very helpful.

  2. What a beautiful reminder to keep pressing on!

  3. This has beautiful imagery and brought many verses to mind as I was reading it. Really great post!

  4. This makes me think of the Flying Scotsman. Thank you for sharing!

  5. WOW – this came on the perfect day. Thank you for these words!

  6. So encouraging! Thank you for sharing!

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