Hello Kitty Date

You have a date with daddy! My little princess declared.

I’m going to make you pretty, and dress up your hair!

You have to dance with daddy, (after I teach you how).

You have to wear beautiful shoes,

here let me get them now.

I sigh to myself.

This will take awhile, and I’ve got things to get done.

I don’t have time for this “date”,

there’s not enough hours under the sun.


her daddy’s busy too, shaking off the day.

I’m pretty sure that “No Thanks, not tonight”

is what he’s going to say.

She returns with baubles and bows,

and a pair of high heels.

A huge smile on her face,

excitement is what she feels.

After she’s done, I look in the mirror.

Dressy heels with a sweatshirt?  A bow over my ear?

Two piggy tails?


She doesn’t hesitate to continue her mission,

she won’t take no,

with a determined expression.

She emerges from her room,

it’s time to go,

and dance with daddy,

to her Hello Kitty Radio.

“Okay mommy, you look beautiful now!

I’ll teach daddy to dance first,

I’ll show him how!”

She gets him to oblige,

he loves her so.

He “learns” the dance,

then she lets go,

to set the mood,

on her Hello Kitty Radio.

We danced for her,

she’s beaming so proud,

her eyes shining at us,

dancing around.

And in that instant,

the date grew 10-fold,

into a defining moment,

inspired by our 4 year old.

We laughed and we danced,

we sang along.

We hugged and we kissed,

to Hello Kitty’s songs.

She needed to see it,

and so did we.

That anytime is a perfect time,

to love your family.

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