The Body

       Shoppers bustle by in the crisp golden air,

      paying no attention to the girl standing there.

Teddy Bear in hand,

no shoes on her feet.

It has been days since she’s had something to eat.

But they keep walking by on the busy city street.

Waiting hungry and scared,

while her daddy looks for work.

The Body

She knows he’s trying,

but the hardships lurk.

Unlucky he’s been, after it all fell down.

Nightly he prays on the cold hard ground.

Lord Help Me,

I’m trying.

I can’t afford care,

for my sweet little girl,

and her teddy bear.

We need an income,

some food on our table.

A roof over our heads,

a life that is stable.”

Nobody stops,

everyone stares,

at the little girl,

and her teddy bear.


The Body

She’s heard about God,

that he rescues the lost.

Is it true? Does he care?

She keeps her fingers crossed.

But one day,

a woman takes notice and stops right there.

Startled at the sight of the girl,

and her teddy bear.

The woman hears God’s familiar voice,

and with his words,

she makes a choice.

You are my hands.

You are my feet.

Give this little girl food to eat.

Show her I love her.

Show her I care.

Show her and daddy that I’m still there.”


The Body

She takes the girls’ hand,

and leads her away,

to a hot cooked meal,

and a warm place to stay.

She gives her a blanket and lets her know,

that she will be safe.

She has a place to go.

Her daddy is stunned!

He’s been praying for this!

A helping hand from above,

God’s Hand! God’s Love!

He presses on knowing she’s safe in good care.

Comforted to know,

he will return to her there.

He eventually lands a steady pay,

their life no longer bleak.

No more waiting all day,

alone in the street.

All because one woman knew

that we are the body.

His hands. His feet.

Through us he can reach,

he can lift up,

he can teach.

He can save,

he can love,

he can bring hope from above.


if you wonder,

what can I do?

Just look at the hands and feet that God gave you,

and ask him what he wants you to do.

**This creation was inspired by a true story**



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