God’s calling you today, are you ready?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about, what the heck am I doing? I mean I love to write, but starting a blog to share stuff about God? There is only like millions of websites doing the same thing. What sets me apart? What makes me some sort of “Expert”? And, especially to be saying stuff to other people like “God’s calling you today!” Makes me shy down into my covers just a little bit…and then I remember what momma said the other night….


God's calling
God’s calling, are you ready?

She said, “Beth, it will be fun to see where God places his hand on this blog, and what he wants to do with it.”

And suddenly…. I realized. Momma’s right. God’s calling  on ME. Not because I’m an expert, but because he wants to use me for his bigger plan.

He created me. He made me unique in my talents and personality. He knows my weaknesses, and he knows my strengths. He knows my history, he knows my future, and, HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S doing. Same applies to you girl!

Ever heard that awesome saying that God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called?

Totally applies here. Every day I sit down to write and think…. I don’t know where to start. And, somehow, every time when I’m focused on him, the words kind of just pour out.

The bible has tons of every day people in it that god called to do big things. And you know, they weren’t like, “Oh Yea I’m totally the one for the job here God, good call.” They were like you and me, trusting in their faith to the best of their ability to see what God had in store.So what does one Christian do when they feel lead by god, or called to action in his name? Especially if they don’t feel especially equipped for the job?

1- Find like 3 minutes of quiet. This might mean turning off all things electronic. If you have kids you might have to lock yourself in the bathroom…God understands 😉 This way you can focus and listen to God.

2.- Give him your fears and insecurities. Tell him you think this whole idea is nuts. That’s okay, God likes it when you are yourself. That’s who he loves.

3- Take one step. Just one! Step over the line of comfort. Get out there. God’s calling you. He’s not asking you to move a mountain today, most likely just a step. Then after that another step. And you know what? He will guide each and every little step you take when you ask him for the way.

4. Then voila! You are following his will, his plan for your life, just like that, fully equipped through God. And you will do some amazing things in his name, more exciting and inspiring than you could have ever dreamed up on your own. That’s how awesome he is!

So back to the question at hand, God’s calling you today, are you ready?

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  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for Sharing I am going through a really tough time, and it’s come to a point where is everything I’m going through worth being around for.

    1. Beth says:

      Heather you’re welcome! Whatever it is, you’re not alone. God knew you would hit this season of life, and he has prepared a way out. Keep trusting and following his promises, today might be cloudy and dark, but tomorrow is a new day, and the Lord has prepared it. Praying for you keep your chin up Heather!

  2. Great way to start the day. MOTIVATING!

  3. Reading this really set a fire in me! Thanks for sharing and reminding me that I have a special purpose to accomplish today (and it includes getting off the computer). Haha! 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more from you soon.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you were able to get that special purpose accomplished today! Much Love!

  4. Maria says:

    Oh friend…this made me cry because it spoke to very tender parts of my heart. I didn’t expect to cry. Thank you for writing. This was the first culprit of the tears “God’s calling on ME. Not because I’m an expert, but because he wants to use me for his bigger plan.”

    1. Beth says:

      Hi Maria! Thank you so much for sharing! It means a lot. Sending you much love- Beth

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