Dear Single Christian Girl, From a Former Single Christian Girl


This is the letter I so WISH I would have been able to see from my future self when I was a single christian girl. Would I have listened? Probably not. I’m stubborn. But, hopefully it would have struck a chord in me in some way that I would have responded to, and saved me some grief and heartache.

Dear Single Christian Girl,

1: You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it here again- You are the daughter of THE KING.  Daughters of a king don’t have to sell themselves short. They don’t have to give in. They don’t have to give up. And we aren’t talking about any king, we are talking about THE KING.  The King who sent his son to die for you. I don’t know about you but I don’t know many people out there just willing to die for me. And for no other reason than sheer, unconditional LOVE. Who does that? Not anyone who doesn’t place a heavenly, exponentially high value on you, your life, and your eternity.  So next time you feel like giving in or giving up, don’t forget who you are! The KING’S daughter!

2. Okay this one’s long.  Please just don’t worry about finding Mr. Right. No Seriously. Whaaaat? Yep. Let it go. You WILL settle if you try to do it on your own. Because YOU cannot find him by yourself.

You’re probably throwing invisible tomatoes at the computer now….thinking okay lady well how is this just supposed to magically happen without effort?

Ya gotta pray. Yes pray to god your desires to meet the one he is planning for you! The hard part is that is right at your fingertips…. and they have a fantastic success rate. Look at all those happy smiling couples!  AND the free trial lasts like forever!

It is true. You may have to wait awhile. But the old cliche saying is also true, the best things in life are worth the wait. And why do you have to wait? There could be so many reasons God’s timing isn’t lining up with your expectations. But think of it this way-  maybe God is using the time to work on you, to prepare you for the one he is planning for you. OR, the man he is planning for you maybe isn’t ready to meet you yet, and God’s working on that. But you can pray for him! This amazing person God will bring in your life probably needs your prayers right now. And you might as well start now, cuz really you’ll be praying for each other the rest of your lives 😉

3. Don’t give into the ways of the world. You are in the prime of your life. You are surrounded by and bombarded by worldly ways. Partying, casual sex, image, how fat/thin you are, what you drive, what you make, popularity…. the list goes on forever. But you know what? That stuff will catch up to you. Even if nothing but a painful memory. You don’t need those negative thoughts invading your mind. Cuz that is what Satan wants… and that’s where he slips in and takes hold. Forget that bizznass! You have way too much value and life ahead of you. Don’t do it!

Ok lady but…. what if I already have?

Let it go. God’s grace is enough. You are still a daughter of THE KING. And don’t compare yourself, not a single one of us hasn’t made mistakes or screwed up in life. That’s where God’s grace comes in. But, it’s so important to tell him when we know we messed up, and, ask for forgiveness and or help if we need it. He’s our father. He loves us soo much. He wants to wrap us up in his arms and say, “It’s ok I forgive you. I love you.” And he won’t bring it up again. Cuz he rocks like that.

4. Keep walking with Jesus. Make him your BFF. Don’t worry about citing long verses to him… just be your authentic self. Like Hey Jesus… I’m so scared of this appointment I have… or can you help me with this? Or… what should I do? The more you do this, the more you will hear his voice.

5.Which brings me to his voice- so he probably won’t call you on the phone. Or shout out of the radio. BUT, he did create this whole instructional book for us via the Bible that we can go to any and every single time we have an issue or question. And don’t worry if you don’t have much experience there, you will cultivate it over time. And the best part is you live in the age of Google where you can just type “Bible Verses for (situation here)” and get a ton of great versus to help guide you.

I wish you the best, and God Bless. See you in a few years!


A Former Single Christian Girl

Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right

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  1. Amit mahara says:

    you are so beautiful .

  2. Ref J says:

    This is awesome! I loved all of the points you have made here. Spending more time in His presence and allowing Him to direct my steps is key. Good point about praying for your future spouse, it is so true!

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