How to wait on God’s timing and not lose your mind

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We all know how much it drags to have to wait for the things we most anticipate.  But, do we all do it patiently? Waiting in line for the grocery check out is one thing (and yes that can be a whole other topic! 😉 , but what about waiting for the BIG things. Like waiting on word of your college acceptance, or if they accepted your house offer, if you got the job, or the doctor’s diagnosis?  How about things like, will I EVER meet the one? Will I ever conceive? and, WHY did God allow THIS in my life,WHEN will I know WHY? What’s up with God’s Timing?

There are so many bible verses you can Google regarding patience and faith.  Believe me, I’ve done my fair share of looking up versus during times of anxious waiting, and looking for answers. I’ve spent many nights crying out to the Lord on my knees asking, Why?!

This is the verse that speaks volumes to me most-  Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still.”

I believe that in my life, the times I prayed to the Lord will all my heart, but felt I received no answer and had to wait an INCESSANT amount of time in my eyes, he was doing exactly this. Did I know it or realize it at the time? NOPE.

But, he was! The Lord WAS fighting for me the whole time.  He was fighting for me in places I could never fathom. Things took shape and worked out in his timing, and in his will. And, you know what? Heck yes I suffered during some hard times. Some heart desires of mine that seemed too good to be true in the worlds eyes, did come to fruition! But, yes, I did have to wait. For some things, a ridiculously long time in my eyes.

Did he give me everything I want? The answer is no. He gave me things even better when I put my full trust in him!

However, now that I know the outcomes and answers of some of my long ago prayers to God, I am in awe still. He WAS fighting for me the whole time. Shaping me to be ready, shaping my situations to happen at the perfect timing, creating circumstances only HE could create, in God’s timing.

So remember, this time WILL pass. Pray all your desires to the Lord, he longs to bless those who follow him! But be patient. The Lord will be working behind the scenes creating a masterpiece, and masterpieces can take time. But, they are worth the cost!

Some Tips for keeping your sanity while waiting on God’s timing:

1-Honestly, the best thing that works for me is to keep encouraging verses for me to see posted in every day spaces. Like on the fridge, or the car dashboard. A good visual reminder that God IS working on your situation, even though you don’t know what the details are right now.

2-  Write down your hearts desires, pains, frustrations, concerns, and requests on paper. Then you read them aloud to God and give it to him! vGetting things on paper gets them off your chest, and more out of your mind. You can have peace knowing God is working on your list- in his way- the best way! Because like the loving father he is, he only wants the best way for his children.

3- Keep busy with healthy activities so that you aren’t perseverating and focused on what you are waiting for. Volunteer, start a new hobby, take a class to learn something you’ve always wanted to. Time flies when you’re having fun right?

4- Remember that the devil uses God’s timing as a weapon against you. He will keep whispering in your ear- “it hasn’t happened yet! See it’s not going to happen!” – Resist this. Remember that sometimes the closer we get to our victory, the harder the enemy fights. Send him away, remind him you’re waiting on God in Jesus name!

5. Trust the process. Remember that our God will use all things for our good and his glory. Instead of asking- why hasn’t it happened yet? Ask, what are you preparing me for?


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  1. Jorge Vega says:

    Hi I was wondering if you would have any resources for men that are going through separation and need guidance

    1. Beth says:

      Hi Jorge, yes! I will email you a few now.

  2. Deniza says:

    I’d like to joint the secret facebook group. How does it work so that it doesn’t show my contacts that I’ve joined or liked something?

    1. Beth says:

      Hi Deniza! Good question. I sent you an email with Facebook’s privacy details for a secret Facebook Group. Basically your contacts cannot see you are in the group, they cannot see if you posted, liked, or commented in the group, and they cannot search for the group. It is a hidden group. Only group members can see you in the group. I chose a secret Facebook group in order to protect everyone’s privacy. Let me know if you’ve anymore questions! God Bless

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