Fascinating Near Death Experiences I’ve witnessed in the hospital that have exponentially increased my Faith in God

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I’ve worked in the health care field for 8 years now. But my fascination with near death experiences from the other side of life on earth, where God is and Jesus reigns, has been there long before I started my career.

When I was a young woman, my mother shared the story of the night of her father’s passing.

My mom had already lost her mother at a young age, and now her father.

With tears in her eyes, she told me what he was describing to the room of grieving family members right before he passed. A look of happiness and joy came over his face, he looked at my mother, and said to her, “I see a huge table filled with food, and look, there she is. Your mother is smiling so big, and welcoming me to the table!”

I’ve clung to that story for years. I can’t deny it’s authenticity. I didn’t read it in a magazine or tabloid, it was straight from my,incredibly honest to a fault, mother’s mouth.

Years later I got into the health care field. I’ve come across so many incredible experiences.

Many in their last days describe seeing their previously passed loved ones in the room.

Most have a period where they will look up at the ceiling like they are seeing something there incredible that only they can see.

One man was living his last few hours, and I stood there bedside his bed, at a loss for the right words. He looked at me with the biggest most beautiful expression, and said, “look! There is a huge beautiful white Angel standing next to you!” I didn’t see what he saw, but I felt the incredible presence of something bigger and more profound and beautiful than I could fathom.

Another near death experience I had was with a woman who had been so crippled by a stroke. In constant pain, and with no progress in healing, she told me, “Jesus is here! I know he is!” and I heard the next day she had indeed gone home to be with him.

But it was a few years ago, that it really, really HIT HOME.

You see, I’ve got a younger brother with Autism. He also experienced a brain injury as a young boy after getting hit by a car. A few years ago in his late 20s, he acquired a severe pneumonia. It turned for the worst, requiring a medically induced coma, a ventilator, a chest tube, and a collapsed lung.

My brother has a child like faith. With his Autism, he doesn’t understand sarcasm, or social cues.  He has no reason to lie, in fact, due to his Autism, he is unable to lie. He perseverates on honesty, integrity, and the truth.

One night in the ICU, he made a turn for the worst. He was unresponsive to me.

His body was jerking.

AND he was doing that all too familiar thing, looking up at the ceiling in awe, like there was something incredible there.

I threw myself over him,  holding his head in my arms, crying and praying more fervishly than I had in my whole life.

I said to my beloved brother, “Don’t be afraid! There are so many angels among us! You are not alone!”

and I prayed in despair and desperation for God to spare my brother’s life.

My innocent brother who never doubted god a second in his whole life!!!

I called our younger brother and we cried for hours on the phone that night and prayed.

The next day was Thanksgiving, and he MIRACULOUSLY turned the corner! He was awake! Alert! And in a joking mood even!  I was never MORE thankful to the Lord in my LIFE! What an incredible Thanksgiving!!

After a few weeks he was able to come home. It was a slow process, but he is back to healthy now.

ONE YEAR LATER, our younger brother was driving him around in the car. Randomly, he said, “Remember last year when I was in the hospital?

I almost died.

I met Jesus.

He told me to come up the stairs, and pick out a tote.” (A tote is my brother’s favorite thing, he carries all his necessities in it for his sensory needs)

He went on to say,”I could have any tote I wanted. But I didn’t pick a tote. You know why? Because he told me I needed to come back because my sister was asking for me. I needed to come back for sister.”

He has never mentioned it since.

But I will never forget it.

All though that night was the scariest moment in my life, the Lord forever took away my “doubting Thomas” side, and gave me the gift of immensely increased faith.

I have felt lead for YEARS to share this, in hopes it will provide reassurance to those in similar shoes.

To help people to know he hears us, and that even if your loved ones do cross over, they are so incredibly loved on the other side.

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    Wow. That made my heart hurt.

    1. Beth says:

      Aww Lisa 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

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