“My Inner Rapunzel”- How this quirky saying came to be

"My Inner Rapunzel"- How I got this quirky saying

As you’ve probably figured it out by now, this website has a whole lot to do with following Jesus. So, how in the heck did this blogger get such a quirky title?

What does Rapunzel have to do with Jesus?

For me, it’s a three-fold expression.

1) As a Christian, I long to respond to every life challenge with a child like faith. The kind of faith that just believes without question or the slightest doubt.  My young daughter has long Rapunzel like hair all the way down her back. She reminds me of this. She absolutely has a child like faith.

2) In the beginning of the story of Rapunzel, she is trapped in a tower, believing everything that she had ever known. But really, she was the lost princess. I believe so many women and young ladies are trapped in the things and ideals of the world, and believe everything they’ve ever known. But, they too are lost princesses in the eyes of their Heavenly father-The King.

3) In the end of the story, Rapunzel’s coveted hair is cut, and she is now free from the evil of Mother Gothel! I wonder how many of us out there would benefit from cutting out the things of this world that are tying us down in order to be free! Once we are free from the hold of worldly things, we can soar in our relationship with Christ!

So now ya know! and Welcome!

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