But my darling…


** This creation was inspired by a collaboration of real life experiences**


But My Darling…

Alone. Unloved. Hurt.

Surrounded by the spinning evils of the world,

they shout, they blurt:

“You’re nothing special!”

“You’re mediocre at best!”

“Why do you try?”

“You’ll never be blessed!”

She’s losing heart. It hurts so deep.

In despair she crumbles to her knees,

and sobs his evil deeds-

“I’m nothing special!”

“I’m mediocre at best!”

“Why do I try?”

“I’ll never be blessed!”

An abrupt silence stills the air.

She feels great love,

and God whispers there:

“But my darling,

I want you to see,

oh my darling,

you’re perfect to me.

I love you more than you can comprehend,

my  beloved daughter,

this isn’t the end.

I have plans for you so grand,

 follow me, take my hand.


I’ll show you, you’ll see!

 Plans full of blessings!

Trust in me!”

And with that,

she put it down.

So stricken that night,

that she almost chose forever darkness,

before she experienced his light.

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